| MEDIA | DIGIPEDAL: Throttle/Pedal Tuning Controller

| MEDIA | DIGIPEDAL: Throttle/Pedal Tuning Controller

May 13, 2019

Introducing, the VAITRIX Digipedal. This advanced pedal module can eliminate throttle lag and enhance throttle response at the touch of a button. Fine tune your pedal sensitivity on the fly, and with ease.

The Digipedal is designed with high quality, advanced circuitry and a powerful internal memory and micoprocessor with the ability to relay/mimic pedal signal at speeds equal to ECU input. This allows for superior fine tuning and adjustment without disrupting normal RPM movement at idle and deceleration. This processor is also tuned to eliminate disruption of full load/throttle output signal at wide-open-throttle (WOT), especially important for ECU tuned vehicles.

OEM Connectors for a wide range of vehicle specific applications.

Unique modes, launch assist and anti-theft features make this one of the most expansive electronic pedal tuning controllers on the market.