VAITRIX is a manufacturer and designer of high quality performance electronics made to satisfy any automotive desire or application. Our precision gauges, drive-by-wire throttle enhancers, and powerful piggyback ECM units will truly unleash your vehicle's potential, both for end users and tuners.





VAITRIX is the accumulation of engineering, passion, dedication and hard work of the "brainchild" Simon (as he is often referred to in Taiwan, Australia and the US). He aims to create breakthrough performance products utilizing cutting- edge technology in the automotive industry, and his thirst for success with top tier product development. 


Simon's specialty is in electromechanical technology and his work has led him into the specialized fields of tuning development, high performance vehicle systems, software development and specialized electronic systems. He was originally engaged in the OEM business of developing electronic modification and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for various companies around the world, but has been continuously developing, improving and producing high quality automotive electronics with significant performance increases year after year.



VAITRIX was officially born in 2016, and has continued to excel in innovation and development ever since. With the help and contributions of global partners, including Allen at REVHIGH (Australian partner) and our dedicated team located here in North America, VAITRIX will continue to raise the bar for the high-performance vehicle tuning industry.


VAITRIX electronics are designed at our Vaitrix facilities in Australia and Taiwan, and manufactured at our Vaitrix facility in Taiwan. Our intake and intercooler design/manufacturing is done here at our Vaitrix North America facility.