Introducing, the VAITRIX Digipedal for the ALFA ROMEO 4C. This advanced pedal module can eliminate throttle lag and enhance throttle response at the touch of a button. Fine tune your pedal sensitivity on the fly, and with ease.

The Digipedal is designed with high quality, advanced circuitry and a powerful internal memory and micoprocessor with the ability to relay/mimic pedal signal at speeds equal to ECU input. This allows for superior fine tuning and adjustment without disrupting normal RPM movement at idle and deceleration. This processor is also tuned to eliminate disruption of full load/throttle output signal at wide-open-throttle (WOT), especially important for ECU tuned vehicles, or those equipped with our BOOSTER ECM series units.

  • (4) MODES - 22 total settings: SPORT MODE 13 settings; STD MODE 1 settings; ECO MODE 7 settings; SP+ (Sport Mode+, launch assist) 1 setting
  • SPORT MODE: suitable for canyon, spirited street driving and track/racing
  • STD MODE: Activates factory throttle setting by turning pedal adjustments off. Also displays vehicle pedal voltage display for troubleshooting
  • ECO / OFF ROAD MODE: suitable when maximum pedal response is not desired. Typically this is when fuel economy or traction in slippery conditions are priorities.
  • SP+ MODE: Activates launch assist mode by maximizing sensitivity at the pedal on first touch. Enabled for 10 seconds only
  • OEM factory harness for easy installation (Plug and Play)
  • User-friendly and fully adjustable to suit the driver's preference
  • Designed to improve throttle lag and dull response
  • Will not interfere with the factory cruise control system.
  • Works on all +12v electronic throttle control systems vehicles.
  • IMMOBILIZER MODE: activates under STD mode by pressing up button for 5 seconds. This power's off the Digipedal and disables use of the throttle/pedal
  • Memory embedded microchip to guard against battery power failures and system crashes.
  • User settings remained saved, even after the Digipedal is turned off, removed, or vehicle’s battery is dead.
  • Installation uses power off of the OBDII port, using our OBDII plug bypass (pictured above).
  • | INSTALLATION | Instructions (Alfa Romeo 4C)