October 29, 2019

The following guidelines are instructions for installation of the VAITRIX Plug & Play Boost Gauge for all FIAT 500 ABARTH and 500T vehicles. 


  • - Vaitrix GEN2 Gauge
  • - Vehicle Specific Harness plugin
  • - red positap
  • - 3M sticky pads for mounting
  • - Gauge Pod stand
  • - Remote control


The following wire routing and gauge mounting are recommended (and where we found the most convenient locations). You are free to mount the gauge and run the wiring in any location you prefer, the provided power wiring and ground should be long enough to reach many locations. You can also add on to any wiring if necessary.


Disconnect your negative battery terminal before proceeding.




1. Remove the engine cover/air box. This will make getting to the sensors much easier. In order to access the ignition power, you can also remove the battery and battery tray (caution, the ECU is attached to the back of the battery tray).


2. Below are the sensors we will be locating and working with:


  • A. Manifold pressure sensor





2. Once the Vaitrix sensor harness is connected to the MAP sensor, you will need to find a place for the wiring to pass through to the cabin. This wire will run all the way to the gauge and connect at the back of the gauge.


3. Next, mount the gauge. The gauge wiring can run easily off the side of the dash and through the trim in the door jam, but you can put the gauge any place you desire (including in the stock gauge pod, shown below).



4. The second harness for the gauge contains wiring (red, yellow, blue, and black). We will not be using the blue wire. The red wire connects to a 12V battery source for the gauge memory. The yellow wire will connect to ignition power, and the black is for a reliable ground. 


5. First connect the red 12V power wire, we recommend the battery (below).




6. Next, connect your ignition power source (yellow wire). We recommend the wiring cluster in front and below the battery (see below). Use the red positap.



7. Ground the ground wire onto the negative battery terminal.




8. Reconnect your battery, and turn on the ignition. The gauge should power on, and then read near zero. If the gauge is flashing alternately, this means you need to double check your connector at the sensor or power/ground for a solid connection.