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SPRINT FILTER® has been in business over 60yrs creating the best flowing and filtering air filters in the world. Independently tested by Wales University the SF P8 Zero material outperformed some of the biggest companies (BMC & K/N) in the world thanks in part due to its symmetrical polyester material.

These filters also feature a non-oiled material, which can prevent contamination of Boost and IMAP sensors. Because of these advantages we choose to develop almost all of our air systems utilizing Sprint Filters. Designed and Manufactured in Italy. Utilized in our Shop Volvo XC90 and our Volvo S60. 

Applicable to the Volvo SPA T5 and T6 Engine. Stock filter replacement, simply drop in and go.


  • VOLVO (SPA Platform) T5 / T6 Engines
  • Also featured in our V1 AIR INTAKE SYSTEM for VOLVO SPA Vehicles



  • Symmetrical Polyester Material
  • Superior filtration and flow rates
  • Simple cleaning procedure (Simply use compressed air)
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Competition based Pedigree
  • Utilized in WTCC/MotoGP/Moto3/Superbike/Supersport/Superstock
  • Non-oiled filter media
  • Durable material that will last the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Significantly out-performs the competition
  • Filtration rates down to 7 Microns (Grain of Sand 100 microns)
  • Will not contaminate MAF - MAF-Safe Media
  • Simple Cleaning Process

Sprint Filter Testing Data: HERE

Sprint filter Cleaning Instructions: HERE




 The common performances air filters are composed of cotton yarn very large, the Sprint Filter polyester air filters instead consist of much smaller yarns and calibrated. Thanks to this type of construction the Sprint Filter polyester fabric allows a better filtration combined with a good air permeability, as shown by tests performed. It is necessary say that as regards the cotton fabric results obtained were not constant, this is due to the weak structure and mobile of cotton gauze, the following data are, however, best obtained. With respect to the polyester fabric data have remained constant and precise.

Premium brand of 4 layers cotton air filter

Premium brand of 4 layers cotton air filter

Original Equipment paper air filter

Sprint Filter P037 air filter





 The uniform and compact polyester filtering element consists of a thin filament of fabric, forming a mesh of several dozen microns, capable of trapping all significant particles and ensuring a very high air flow rate. Our polyester air filter guarantees a very high air flow that neither cotton filters nor OEM paper filters can achieve. Remember this simple equation: More Air = More Power!





 The Sprint Filter polyester air filters retain 93.13% of 100 μ particles (Sprint Filter P08 air filter) - 91.8% of 37 μ particles (Sprint Filter P037 air filter) - 95.22% of 100 μ particles (Sprint Filter P08F1-85 air filter) versus the 76.42% of a common 4-layer oil-soaked cotton air filter

Because of its uniform structure, the Sprint Filter air filter ensures less air flow disturbance, also thanks to the exclusive and patented filtering material in single-layer polyester


 Sprint Filter creates over 65 years innovative products made with the most sophisticated and technologically advanced materials: from aluminum, steel, and then move on to materials in polyurethane foams to get to plastics all kinds of fine carbon and kevlar. The entire process of manufacturing our products is done internally with sophisticated equipment design and production: designed with advanced three-dimensional cad-cam our filters and extraction systems are built using molds developed with numerical control machines and realizzatiinfine with modern machinery for molding plastics and dispensing of polyurethane.