Water Methanol Injection Kit



Octane rating is the measure of a fuel's ability to resist knocking. The higher the number, the less your engine knocks. Super grade gasoline is 93 AKI, while racing fuel has a  octane number as high as 110 AKI. 
Mix the 122 RON methanol with high grade gasoline can create an equivalent to racing fuel, but more convenient in practice. If you fill up your tank with racing fuel, you burn it and consume your money all the time. But if you fill the methanol in a separated tank and only use it when you need it, you can get what you want in a much more sensible way. 

cool down at highest efficiency
There are many ways to lower the intake temperature, for example use an intercooler or a methanol injection system, which is especially important for a turbocharged engine. When you upgrade your car with a larger turbocharger, the stock intercooler won't be enough. Now you're in a dilemma: you want to exchange it with a larger intercooler, but are hesitate for the foreseeable turbo lag, due to the longer fill-up time.  
On the contrary, methanol injection system don't have such drawbacks. It's direct; it's fast; and it even cools down the intake air while easing the turbo lag in the same time.

Most MWI (Methanol / Water Injection) systems available in the market regulate the volume of the injected water / methanol mixture solely based on the boost pressure.
While this method is simple, it is not ideal for precise injection volume control. To unlock an engine's full potential, the injected mixture must be in proportion to the intake airflow. At low to medium RPM, boost pressure correlates with the intake air flow, but at high RPM, the engine's boost pressure decreases, which presents a challenge for traditional injection methods to provide sufficient fuel to keep the engine running.

To address this issue, VAITRIX METHANOL / WATER INJECTION system employs an advanced method of injection control. Our system uses 3D Mapping Control technology to determine the appropriate amount of methanol required based on the engine's RPM and boost pressure.

As a result, the system enhances the engine's performance across the entire RPM range.