The V1 AIR INTAKE by VAITRIX is a intake bolt on replacement that goes directly in place of the stock rubber intake piece on the T6 engines for Volvo SPA platform vehicles. This kit also replaces the factory air filter with a high flow drop-in filter upgrade (SPRINT FILTER). Utilized in our Shop Volvo XC90  and our Volvo S60.

Our V1 intake is designed of high quality, heavy ply silicone material with multiple layers of kevlar reinforcement for rip-stop protection and durability. This combination allows for extreme durability, handling vacuum and boost pressures with ease. It also reduces the conduction and absorption of heat massively. 

The overall function of this upgraded piece is to eliminate turbulent air and flow associated with the corrugated factory intake boot, while assisting in the optimization of ram air, velocity, and increased flow/density when paired with our high flow filter. 

The result is an improved, stabilized torque curve across the powerband, and increased responsiveness. Both the V1 silicone construction and serviceable high flow filter will last the life of your Volvo. 


  • VOLVO (SPA Platform) T6 Engines
  • +5 HP & +5 TQ (w/increases across the curve)



  • 5 ply layers of 100%, high quality silicone
  • Our unique Kevtek technology, (kevlar stitching reinforcement)
  • Increased response, air velocity, and flow
  • Increased Torque and Power with improvement across the powerband
  • Revert back to stock easily
  • Simple installation, clamps & filter included
  • Symmetrical Polyester Material
  • Superior filtration and flow rates
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Non-oiled filter media
  • Durable material that will last the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Filter Material Significantly out-performs the competition
  • Filtration rates down to 7 Microns (Grain of Sand 100 microns)
  • Will not contaminate MAF - MAF-Safe Media
  • Simple Filter Cleaning Process (found on the installation page)