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| BOOSTER PRO ECU | Jeep Wrangler JL (2.0L Turbo)


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  • JEEP WRANGLER JL (2.0L Turbo Engines)
  • VTX STG 1: +45hp +55tq 




Introducing the VAITRIX Booster Pro ECU. This powerful piggyback unit is does more than the average model. This unit delivers peak performance, and is packed full of features as well as self tuning capabilities. It's also compatible with our 3D mappable methanol systems.

High quality, all-aluminum housing construction and lightweight body. This ECM is a simple plug & play unit, controlling (2) Boost outputs and (1) connection to the camshaft sensor, allowing for accurate tuning based on load and rpm. It also has (2) additional inputs, used for device on/off switch and pump duty cycle control when paired with our Vaitrix Methanol System.

The Booster Pro also allows the end user the ability to 3D map a fully functional methanol system in conjunction with Booster performance using our Vaitrix Methanol hardware.

The user also has access to the Air Force Tuning Software, as well as the Air Force Go Bluetooth App. Both applications allow the end user to download future map upgrades from the Vaitrix Cloud, datalog their Booster Unit, and switch maps via bluetooth on the fly. This includes restoring the Booster back to stock settings. The Booster Pro allows you to create and tune your own mapping for your vehicle in addition to Vaitrix mapping.

Easy plug & play functionality with specific harnesses for your vehicle makes this unit warranty friendly, and allows the car to run in stock configuration or be completely removed from the vehicle with no footprint left behind.



  • Compatible with downloads from the VAITRIX CLOUD
  • Includes (1) tuning map with purchase
  • Bluetooth App Compatible
  • Plug & Play; Factory warranty remains in place
  • Vehicle can be easily reset to factory settings with Air Force Software or by disconnecting the power fuse. There is no need to remove the unit to restore factory settings.
  • Using 32-bit high-quality microprocessor for superior stability and processing speeds
  • Includes corresponding OEM quality harness for easy installation
  • Complete 3D mapping and Methanol Injection control using our Vaitrix Methanol System.
  • Connects to (2) Boost sensors, (1) On/Off Switch, (1) Duty Cycle Control, and (1) Camshaft Sensor for precise mapping based on load and RPM.
  • Can be removed with no footprint or harm to vehicle warranty

Using our Air Tuning Software and Air Force Go App, choose from our vehicle application list to select pre-designed and tested map calibrations for your specific vehicle, change or download maps on the fly, or use our AIR FORCE Tuning software to build your own custom calibration off of our base maps (for Pro and Ultimate users only).