| GEN2 - PLUG & PLAY BOOST GAUGE | Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio (2.0L Turbo)







The VAITRIX GEN2 Plug & Play boost gauge is the first of its kind. This unique gauge allows you to plug directly into a vehicle specific MAP or boost sensor to provide instant data right from the source without the use of analog receivers or hoses and tubing.

Each plug and play boost gauge comes with a vehicle specific harness depending on your application. Simply plug the harness directly into your manifold sensor, and instantly view the same boost data your ECU sees.

Constructed out of CNC aluminum with an ABS lightweight body, this high quality and aesthetically pleasing display gauge is perfect for monitoring your vehicle's most valuable data. 


     Features Include:

    • Infrared Remote Control
    • Hairline finished face with high definition scale and
      high brightness tach
    • High transparency glass with low reflection creates 99% of 
      visibility and reduces reflection to 4%.
    • Advanced illumination LED backlights offer 6 levels 
      of lighting modes for visual comfort. High-sensitivity light 
      sensor can automatically adjust the brightness of faceplate 
      illumination based on ambient lighting
    • Stepper motor drives the gauge tach to a particular angle instantaneously
    • Microcontroller with silent stepper mode in 3540 
      segments drives the gauge needle over a 270° sweep, 
      providing accurate data to the driver
    • Self-diagnosis function detects disconnection of sensors, short circuits and communication errors
      When in warning mode, the pointer and the backlight will flash alternately.
    • The warning value can be set. When the warning red LED 
      light comes on, the buzzer will sound. (The sound can be 
      switched on/off by pressing the button)
    • Peak value will be held in memory automatically. Driver 
      can obtain the data promptly and recall the peak readings quickly
    • Completely plug and play, connects directly to the MAP sensor, no splicing or modification necessary

    • Delivers accurate boost data direct from the source.









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